Tuesday 23 April 2019

LGPS 2014

On 1 April 2014 a new Local Government Pension Scheme was introduced for members.  To find out what the changes are and how they affect you please visit the LGPS website:

LGPS Members Website (external website)

Due to The Data Protection Act 2018 coming into place, East Riding Pension Fund has put together a document for members to understand their rights and how we will use data.

ERPF - Your Data Your Rights (pdf 120kb)

In house AVC

For active members of the LGPS there are provisions for increasing your pension and/or lump sum, one of which is by paying Additional Voluntary contributions (AVCs).

The East Riding Pension Fund has a long standing arrangement with Prudential, enabling you to pay AVCs through deductions from your salary and receive immediate tax relief. 

If you are a tax payer you could make a considerable difference to your retirement income with a sizeable contribution from the tax man, even if retirement is only a relatively short time away.

You can use the Prudential AVC calculator to see how much you might need to save to get the taxable pension income and/or tax free cash you would like from your AVCs.

Online Forms 

You can access all of our forms online, covering a range of issues applicable to both members and employers.


This information is provided to you on an absolute "without prejudice" basis in accordance with current LGPS regulations.  It should be used for guidance only as it does not confer any contractual or statutory rights.  Where payment of benefits is dependant on an employer's discretion the employers decision will be taken into account in line with current policy.

When you actually retire or leave the scheme, please be aware that your benefits will be calculated using the LGPS and HMRC rules in force at the time.  So any figures provided could change.

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