Tuesday 23 April 2019

Work plan 2019

The work plan for the Local Pension Board is set each year and sets out the topics to be discussed and reviewed at the meetings through the year.

22 February 2019

  • Review of the Fund's Investment Strategy Statement (ahead of consideration by the Pensions Committee on 15 March 2019);

  • Review of the Governance Policy Statement (ahead of consideration by the Pensions Committee on 15 March 2019);

  • Review of performance of internal and external manager;

  • 2019 Actuarial Valuation;

  • Update on the Guaranteed Minimum Pension reconciliation project;

  • Review of Communications policy; and

  • Review of Fund’s risk register.

21 June 2019

  • Review of internal controls and assurance reports;

  • Update on Pension Administration Strategy;

  • Update on ERPF online services;

  • Update on Monthly Data Collection pilot;

  •  Scheme Employer Year end return exercise 2018-19;

  • Draft Annual Report of the Local Pension Board for Pension Fund Report and Accounts; and

  •  Update on Member Web 

 1 November 2019

  •  ISA 260 plus Annual Report and Accounts;

  • Review of Terms of Reference;

  • Pension Fund Annual Performance Review 2018-19;

  • Local Pension Board Work Plan 2020;

  • Local Pension Board Training Program 2020;

  • Review of Fund’s risk register; and

  • Update on 2019 actuarial valuation.

Each Meeting

  •  Shareholder voting and engagement activities;

  • Minutes from Pensions Committee; and

  • LAPFF Business meetings.


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