Tuesday 23 April 2019

The East Riding Pension Fund

The East Riding Pension Fund, created following Local Government reorganisation in April 1996, administers the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) for the four unitary Authorities in the region plus over 190 other local employers and organisations. It has a membership of more than 93000 active, deferred and pensioner members.

Administration of the fund is managed by the Pension section in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council offices in Goole with: 

  • Member services teams who manage all benefit payment matters, transfers in and out, new starters, leavers, changes in member circumstances and employment details and daily queries from employers and members.

  • a financial control team with responsiblity for processing the pensioner payroll, providing financial control support for the benefit teams and dealing with many of the annual and ad hoc processes of administering the scheme.

  • a systems and technical team responsible for providing guidance on the scheme regulations and training for pensions staff and employers, installing software upgrades, testing and maintaining system software.


The fund's investments are managed by two teams also in the Goole offices, split into :

  • the investment team responsible for making and implementing investment decisions.
  • the administration/settlement team who provide an administrative and accounting support role producing the Pension Fund's Annual Report and Accounts.
A proportion of the Fund's assets are also managed externally using Schroder Investment Management as the fund manager.

The information shown on this site is based on the April 2014 regulations except where stated.  If you are a current or past member of the LGPS, or are receiving a gratuity or compensation pension paid by the East Riding Pension Fund,  on behalf of your former employer, we are always available to help with enquiries.